Sekcija Amulet

Who are we?

From rolling dice to determine how terribly broken our legs are after a leap from the enemy’s tower, to creating foam flails to bludgeon our fellow players, role-playing games allow us to relax, express our inner creativity, and grow as individuals.

You remember, right? Those sun-bathed afternoons you used to spend in the sandbox alongside other children, when you would pile up as much sand as your arms could reach, optimistically dubbing the mound “a mountain”. Then, a schoolmate would thrust his plastic excavator into this mount, making battle cries which would make the Māori themselves proud. And both of you knew exactly what was taking place in this pocket dimension of yours. It is difficult to deny the significance of such memories. Memories of ourselves giving meaning to the cold matter around us through our own imagination, or even of conjuring into existence something that had not existed before.

These are not merely delusions of our childhood, since humankind has been acting this way ever since the beginnings of self-awareness, so as to justify its own existence.

Without fantasy, the world as we know it would stop existing. The sun would not have risen, but a mere ball of flaming gas would have illuminated the planet.

Terry Pratchett

A step forward

To sate our craving for the fantastical, humans have invented role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, LARP (Live Action Roleplay) and many others.

And, of course, since imagining fantastic worlds is not enough, we have also started creating model forests and towns where our alter-ego heroines and heroes come to the aid of the helpless, overpower the wicked, and face many moral dilemmas on their way. We have also started tailoring and sewing leather outfits and armour pieces to better immerse ourselves in these characters. Ultimately, what opens to us is a world where we might lose ourselves for a moment and forget the stresses of our everyday lives. Yet it is also an incredibly precious learning experience to tackle the woes and conundrums of our other selves. After all, our ancestors learned much through the stories they told each other, so enacting a story takes us a step further.

Cooperation is key

KUD Fofité is a culture association, which has garnered a series of successes in a variety of areas over the 10 years of its existence. In the area of theatrical and film production, photography, and many others, the association has proven itself through its collaboration with professionals, who also acted as our mentors.

Sekcija Amulet is no exception.

Since our goal is to bring together fantasy enthusiasts, creative expression, education, and personal growth through role-playing games, the association has become involved with the Krčma Discordo community, the Društvo D20 association, and others. Our joint aim is to raise the standards of role-playing games and thus introduce to Slovenia something no one has experienced here yet.


What would the world be like without Kurent?

This is the question tackled by our unusual group of adventurers in the first episode of the Slovenian production of a Dungeons & Dragons game, titled KURENT.

Join Gorazd, Lenka, Rogovila, and Bogdan on their journey through the magical valley of Slavinya, where they fight the unexplainable. After they have spent their years living as wanderers, they decide to return to their home village of Yagorina. It soon becomes clear the valley of their youth has changed rather drastically…

Meet us

If the above description has captured your attention and you are a complete novice when it comes to slaying dragons, or even if you are a veteran of the game, with a collection of trophies mounted on your wall, we cordially invite you to join us as we paint miniatures every Thursday at 5 pm at the Medvode Culture House (Kulturni dom Medvode). Attendance is free of charge, and everyone can select a miniature model from our collection of 3D-printed characters which you can not only paint yourself, but also keep for your own use. You can also bring your own miniatures and paint those. Socializing and creative expression are the highlights of these workshops. You are also welcome to join our board games and friendly discussions.

You can also find us via the Krčma Discord community:

For more information, you can contact us at, or by sending a personal message to Mito#7379 on Discord.

Apart from painting miniatures, we also organize the following events:

  • tabletop role-playing game events (D&D, Pathfinder),
  • LARP events (Set in the fictional world of Belesia),
  • arts and crafts, as well as personal growth workshops,
  • social evenings,
  • collaboration with other societies and associations,
  • and many more!

Translation from Slovene: Uroš Martinčič